Central Christian Church
Phone: 404-344-4114
Dr. Denzil D. Holness, Pastor
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What You Should Know About Central Christian Church

1.  We are a Bible-believing church.  The Bible is our only and final authority in all matter
    pertaining to faith and practice.

2.  We have no MAN-MADE RULES for becoming members.  All that we require is what the
    Apostles required of the first Christians. (Act. 2:38)

3.  We are Christians ONLY but not the only Christians.

4.  We believe that all Christians should be one.  Denominational names are divisive.

5.  We have no local nor national headquarters.  We belong to a fellowship of free churches 
    responsible to the Head - the Lord Jesus Christ.

6.  We believe in observing the Lord's Supper (Communion) every Lord's Day as the early 
    Christians did.

7.  We believe,like the "Baptists," that immersion is the only scriptural form of baptism.

8.  We believe, like the "Methodists," in the necessity of personal conversion.

9.  We believe, like the "Adventists" in the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

10.We believe, like the "Congregationalists," in the local congregational form of church 

11. We believe that the work of the church ought to be supported by God's people on a regular
     and systematic basis. (The tithing system is stressed, but is not obligatory)

12. We believe in the necessity and value of Christian education.  Hence we have a Bible-
     centered Sunday School program for our children, and adults as well.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Central Christian Church is to carry out its divinely-appointed ministry in the community and beyond.  That is, it is called to be a worshiping, teaching (nurturing), evangelizing and caring community committed to the well-being of its members and its community (neighbors).

Christian Service is Our Business
Dr. Robert Givons
   Associate Pastor